Friday, September 18, 2009

Fall Camping at Big Bear

The Happiest Soccer Mom on the Block

Ok, this is a hard thing to explain, but the having the kids in soccer has made me so happy. Not just a little happy, but full-circle happy. To understand this, you have to imagine a little, southern, tom-boy with a ratty pony-tail growing up on the soccer field, and loving it. Then in High School, I had the chance to be on the first girl's team for our school. We were spirited and dedicated. What we lacked in skill, we made up for in spirit. It is hard to describe how much that team meant to me, but it really formed me into who I wanted to BE (and I don't mean an athelete, because we know how that turned out). Those memories are some of my fondest of all my childhood and teens. I want to give a shout out to all the coaches, TEAMMATES and supportive parents who helped us grow that way. Thanks. Now it is my turn and I am thrilled. It brings back a flood of happy memories for me. The kids are adorable and loving it. Wyatt, a soccer player in his own right, is right beside me cheering them on. Good times for us. "Soccer mom" is the best thing you could call me these days. Just look for the loudest parent, cheering like crazy for her 4 year old- that's me. :)

Rachel was the biggest surprise for their first game. Her game was after her brother's, so she had the advantage of seeing how it all worked. We had kinda joked about how she would probably sit down and pick flower and look for lady bugs during the game, but as soon as the whistle blew, she was the leader of the pack, kicking the ball towards the goal. I about fell over! Go Team COTTON CANDY!

James looks like such a natural in his BALL HOGS uniform. He reminds me so much of his dad. Always the best buddy to the class clown, he is quietly in the mix, waiting for his chance to shine. I love this kid! Look in the video for his breakout for the goal. It is hilarious becaue it ends up being his teammate that grabs him from behind (a 4 year old's best defense) to stop the goal. You can hear Wyatt's groan. The mom beside us is his mother. Too funny! James did score a goal (for the other team-whoops!) Good thing that they don't keep score. Go #2!!!!


Our Disneyland passes are finally past their block-out dates, so at the first opportunity we took the kids for a day. Wyatt was able to come too- it was a great family day. Rachel is almost 40 inches so we were able to go on a few of the bigger coasters- the old railroad coaster was her favorite (mine too). Suprisingly, they like the coasters more than some of the other rides with the characters. I think that seeing everything larger-than-life is a little scary for them. In the above pic, the kids are making their scary faces with Chopper the Hopper.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Wyatt Biking

"Auntie Nessa" with Rachel, Peyton, and James

Wyatt and James climbing to a lookout point in Arches National Park

John and Peyton at Double Arch


John mountain biking

Wyatt overlooking the Colorado River


Doggone Happy

Ok, so these photos were old, but since I am playing catch-up, thought that I might as well... Before the twins came, even before we were married, Wyatt and I used to to to Moab, UT every spring (usually around Wyatt's B-day). We even went back when the babies were itty-bitty. Anyways we missed last year, but we have my brother John to thank for getting us back in the groove. John called and mentioned that he was planning a trip, so we went along. It felt a little wimpy staying in a condo instead of camping, but it was a much better plan because we went later in the year and it was HOT! It was great to spend time with John, Vanessa and Peyton. Peyton is my nephew. He is just a few months older than the twins. He totally has my brother's humor and was constantly cracking us all up. What a funny kid!

Here are a few photos (our camera was broken half of the trip) of our adventures. Saddie, our dog, went along this time. She fit right in with her auburn coat. We took a little walk by the Colorado river. It ended up being an inpromtu swimming hole and mud fest because it was so hot. The kids loved it. Somehow I escaped being slathered with mud- depite Wyatt's threats.

Wyatt loves mountain biking in Moab an the surrounding areas. John is obsessed with biking lately. They have a good time together on the trails. Southern Utah is such a pretty and unique place. Can't wait to go back!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Oak Glen Old School House with Hirsch Cousins

Happy 90th Grandma!

Aunt Helen, Grandma Marion, Aunt Jean, Mom (Janice)
The Birthday Girl!

Miss you grandma!

Sarah and Elizabeth on the dinner cruise

Mom and Marion

Sarah's family: Grant, Elizabeth, Sarah, Chris, Benjamin

In June, I ditched the family for a weekend trip out to the Midwest to spend some much needed time with my side of the family. I first flew in to Minneapolis, Minnesota and stayed a few days with my sister, Sarah as our family gathered at her house. She just moved to the area with her family. It was a beautiful time of year- very lush and green with lakes everywhere. Her house was brand new and darling. Marion and I took over the boys room and it felt like when we shared a room growing up. We each had our own twin bed and got to argue about keeping the light on at night and Marion's mess (just kidding). Truth is, we stayed up way too late at night talking like we were 12 years old. Sarah's kids are adorable, talented, and bright (not a big surprise to those that know their parents). It was nice to soak up some time with them without my kids competing for attention. We all took a dinner cruise one night on Lake Minnetonka. It was a lovely way to spend the evening.

After a few days at Sarah's, the Grovers all drove down to Des Moines, Iowa to celebrate my Grandma Marion's 90th Birthday. It was the first time that I had seen most of my mom's family since our wedding (8 years now). My grandma has changed so much, but still is scooting around pretty well for her age. She looks pretty good don't you think? Seeing her made me realize how much I have missed my grandma. It is hard to see her very often out in Iowa. She is not traveling anymore. My aunts, their husbands, and all the cousins were very welcoming. It is cute to see my mom with her sisters and how much they act alike when they are together.
Overall, it was a wonderful trip. I missed my kids and hubby terribly, but don't worry, I enjoyed a little "me" time while I could. The earliest I woke up was 10 am. LOVE THAT!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fav photo

I was looking through last year's photos and came across this shot again. I took it when Becky was out with her kids were out and we were all out at the beach. It took several tries to get the kids all together, but I just love it because it reminds me of what a close bond our kids have with all of their cousins. It is so cute that they all lined up according to age, each following what the next oldest is doing. Out in front is Aleah, then Sierra, Iris, Rachel, James, Carmen and Ali. I think that I'll frame this one.